Fremante, WA from Oct.8~Oct. 15, 2013

Fremantle is a very lovely town. There are free RED cat, BLUE cat bus service around the Town. out side of old firestation packpackers hostel is the stop. Also near the train station. It’s very convenient for me to go anywhere.

The first day, arrived here is with Jase where he busking on the street. Maybe it’s on the weekday. Not so good for him to get the tip. I met Sofia on the street and then stay the same hostel. Thank you for Jase to send me to the hostel.

Walking around the south beach, enjoy the nature, breeze wind from the ocean. Smell of ocean. seagull fly on the sky. At the coastal, green lawn with colorful flower. That’s the other enjoy. Reading, ling on the ground. Enjoy the days.

when fremantle market open on the weekend (from Friday to Sunday) that bring the town more busy. saw more interesting street performer on the street. where is the heaven for Th's busker and the people who enjoy the days. Inside Fremantle market, is also full of different surprised for me. different foods were found here, also fruits, vegetables.The most exciting time is before it closing. Got very cheap price to buy the food. one bag of apples , tomatos were AUD 1.  Stay at hostel, I always have plenty time to prepare my three meal. People always said my breakfast look like a big dinner. Haha...I enjoy the time of prepare and having my meal.

The last impressive me is the sunday life music at art centre. All the people just enjoy the day listening. I am lucky too to catch the timing of performance on the sunny sunday afternoon. The display on the art centre also nice. Simple but unique.

The last night stay at the hostel, saw the movie dirty dance. After that some packpackers play guitar, singsong. That’s the amazing night I have. Always have different surprised during my trip. Just love it!!