2013年11月23日 星期六

Perth from Oct. 15 ~ Nov. 18, 2013

Never expect that I will stay so long there. It just happen. No hurry for any travel or plan. The life just beauty..

First, I got my first couch in Carlisle. My host Chris and Mike are very hospitality.I tasted the traditional way to eat Tim Tam with chocolate milk. Kangaroo BBQ, Lamington, fish and chip in Flemantle.( I tried Vegemite in Melbourne and didn’t notice most of the foreigner didn’acept them until I met other csers here) The first time I cook beef noodle soup and made paper roll for my host. They are very kind to prepare the meals for me and show me around when they are free. so I have the night view along swan river, kings park and the cottesole beach. Mike like gardening. I got the chance to enjoy the Rose perfume. Chris like reading and she gave me one book to read to understand Aussie slang. I also spent some watch the TV program with them. They also drop me off to the couch surfing gathering. so I had very relax life for 11 days with them. I treasure so much.

Due to the bad weather, I did’t get the chance to go fishing with Mike. But the last Saturday before I leave Perth. Finally We went fishing by boat in Rockinghan. Surprising, I got more then 10 fishes. Mike let me drive the boat for a while. That’s very special experience.

Second, I met Martin when I took the ferry from Barrat dock. Then we have several times nice date after that. He like to have my accompany and I enjoy that. We went to Safety bay, cape peron in Rockinghan, Mundaring weir in perth hill, and enjoy the breeze and sunset in the night view in kings park. The last day in Perth, we got together to the beach, perth hill. I enjoy the time he hug me , hold my hand. That’s part of my best memory in Perth.

Third, of course couch surfing gathering. couple time of gathering but I always too quiet. But I am a good listener. Try to catch , to understand more as I can. Also join frizbee gathering, beach volleyball. sports is always exciting. It’s funny that we have the day trip with some of them to Penguin island the next day. Chris from canada prepare nice food for all of us. So sweet. The pitty is that we didn’t see Penguin there. (haha... It’s differentthe joke that we didn’t see monkey in Monkey mia) The other trip to south with Roberto just by accident. just deside within 1 hour before my departure. Also funny, we slept on the car for two nights. Enjoy the forest in Leenwin National park, winery in Margaret river. Some nice beach in yallingup , saw whale in smith beach, cape naturaliste saw lots of kangaroo. He is lucky found someone uo to Broome few days later. He also stay one night with me at Xiauling apartment before his trip.

Fourth, very relax time stay at Xiauling apartment with Lotta after our trip to Monkey Mia. Free Perth wifi anywhere in Starling Park, George Church. Reading, watching TV, sleeping in the apartment. Doing nothing is kind of relax. Here have lot of good meal with Xiauling and Lotta. Special discount Pizza, every Friday international food festival, Xiauling cooking for Us. Or I use different kind of spicy, noodle from Xiauling apartment. Cooking is kind of my favorite hobby when I stay there. slept on the couch with sleeping bag in the luxury apartment in the city center with nice view. Costless for me to stay in the expensive city for 11 days.

Fifth, nice weather. Very comfortable for me. breeze and no so much raining. haha... Campare to Melbourne which 4 seasons within one day.

2013年10月16日 星期三

Fremantle 2013.Oct.8 ~2013.Oct.15

Fremantle is a lovely town. There are red, blue CAT free bus running per 15 minutes around the town. Out of old firestation packpackers hostel is a stop. Also near the train station. It’s very convenient for me to go anywhere.

The first day arrived here is with Jase where he busking. Maybe it’s week days. Not good for Jase to get tip as before. At the same time, I met Sofia on the street where Jase play guitar. It’s lucky for me that Sofia also stay at the same hostel. Thanks Jase to bring me to the hostel. Finally, I said goodbye to Jase for 2 weeks trip from Victoria to WA.

Walking around south beach, enjoy the nature, breeze from the ocean. smell of ocean.  seagull fly on the sky. At the costal, green lawn with colorful flower. That’s the other enjoy. reading, ling on the ground. Enjoy the day.

When Fremantle market open on the weekend (from Friday to Sunday), that bring the town more busy. Saw more interesting street performers on the street. That’s busker’s heaven. Also the people enjoy the days. Inside Fremantle market is also different surprised for me. Different food, fruit, vegetable were found here. More exciting is the time before closing, you can get very cheap price. I got one bag of tomato, apples were 1AUD. Stay at hostel, I got plenty of time prepare my three meals. People always said to me my breakfast is like a big dinner. Jase also said to me what I ate is two times over then him. haha... I enjoy the time preparing my 3 meal and having meal. That’s also the important part of my journey.

The last impressive are the live music at the art centre. I am so lucky to catch the timing for the live music on the sunny sunday afternoon. All the people just enjoy the day listening. The display on the art centre also nice. simple but unique.

The last night , I saw dirty dance movie at the hostel. After that, I got the chance to listen the packpacker play guitar and singing at the backpacker hostel. There are so many surprised during my trip. That’s the amazing night I have. Just love it.

2013年10月11日 星期五


Enjoy the busking on the street. Always bring me good mood.
some place allow the musican did the busking. That’s cool. Not only the busker joyful but also bring all the people pass by pretty good mood. People dancing along their performance.

Due to my couch surfing friend Jase, I have more chance to see and appreciate those musican busking. Very special experance for me in Australia. Awesome!!

The age of busker from children to charming 50 years old person. Big range as long as they are willing to show their best to the people on the street. The instrument from guitar, drum,electric guitar, harmonica, cajon, foot cabasa, symble.... So many interesting thing happen during my stay in Australia.

So far, in Melbourne, albany, Margaret river, fremantle saw the busker. Some are local people, also meet the busker from Taiwan, Japan... I am pround of them.

2013年10月10日 星期四

Fantasic road trip from Vitoria to WA with Jase 2013.09.25~2013.10.08

youtube.com/thenbcz My travel mate Jase’s perpormance
10 days from Victoria to WA for 3400km. camping along the trip.
we stay at. warrnambool. It’s windy, rainy night. I felt cold for my first camping in Australia. the camping cost is Aud 17. we pass by great ocean road. Unfortunately, I didn’t see 12 apollo. But see the London Bridge where have nice coast line also. 

we arrived Alinga beach Sa. Very fantastic night. As I saw Jase’s performance at Bushmans Inn. He play good guitar, lapslide which I never swa before. The camping cost is AUD 14 where with very nice weather. Bush.with lot of Parrot when I woke up at the morning. Lot of star in the sky.

We arrived spear creek caravan park. Where I saw wild wallabees, Emu on the desert. Also horses on the track. Jase is afraid to be tick by those horses. amazing sunset here.The camping cost is Aud 10

We stay at Streaky Bay Foreshore Tourist Park.
Camp in front of beach where lot of wild pelican. The first time saw pelican. Have relax time 
Here. Also did my sketch about the pelican, beach in Australia. Jase go fishing , snokeling. I did my first skateboard here. Not easy for me. But funny to try. I also play Jase’s quitar. jase got razer fish with his friend. The camping cost is Aud 12.5. This is the relax time we have. No hurry just enjoy the laid back timeing.

We stay at Eucla Caravan Park. We across Great Australia Bight Marine. Amazing coast and waves. Saw Dingo, eago on the road. also very fantastic wetland on the way. Nallabour desert is amazing. Finally, we accross the boarder village between SA, WA. Where no fruit, vegetable can bring. I ate tomato which Jase have to throw away. The Camping cost is Aud10

We arrived Esperance seafront caravan park. Also famose for beach. where I got free wifi on the way to supermarket. Happy for that. As it’s different to find wifi on the desert. So I also made a phone call to my family. So miss them.The camping cost is Aud 17. The next day, take the chance to visit the spectacular scenery, with turquoise water, dazzling talcum powder soft beach. Cape le grand national park is by Aud 5.5 entry cost. DIY. No one at the reception. But all the tourist were very honest. So do we. we have short stay at Lucky bay.

We stay Albany. Albanys Emu beach holiday park.where camping cost is AUD 16. I enjoy the walk around the beach. At that night, have the second chance to saw Jase’s best performance at white star hotel in Albany. Very touching. He sold some CD there. All the people were appreciate his music. He explain me his CD album.NBC. (stand for the natural born chilliers) happy the got a CD from him. www.facebook.com/thenbcz be a fan of him. Also got more information of his performance from youtube.com/thenbcz ( especial for his lapslide performance song “ so much soul”.

It’s the time we arrive our destination Margaret river. We are so happy that we done such a long trip. We have a walk at tree top walk between Walpole-Nornalup National park. We stay at Prevelly caravan park in Matgaret river.  camping cost AUD 15.Meet nice new friends Karen, Michael, chloe, anna, bush, carlton. Have camping fire. Free prawn rice meal, teo free fish which is the best food I have durinf my camping days. Nice night and friend ship, with harmonica, Guitar. The last night meet carlton from walse. Take a short trip to one backpacker hostel in Margaret River. One new friend buy me a drink Rum. It’s wield that I never feel drunk about Rum. Also try the roll cigarret here. Got very impressive experience here. 

2013年9月29日 星期日

My first stop in Australia Melbourne from Sep. 11 ~ Sep. 25. 2013

There are some topic I would like to share during my stay in Melbourne. 1. weather The big challenge for me is the weather. The first few days were pretty cold for me even stay at John's home. I have to put on all my warmest clothes. People said there are 4 seasons within one day in Melbourne. That's true. rainy, sunny, cloudy, windy...haha..always don't know what will happy in next second. But I am lucky , the weather getting warmer and warmer during my stay. 2.friendly people Before I coming, some negative comment for some racism about asia people in Australia. But all the moment I have were warm care from all the people I met. That's very nice experience for me. I really like the lovely people here. 3.couch surfing activity every night. I really enjoy all the event hold in Melbourne. *Spanish language exchange. meet locals and also friends from south america. per Monday. Join twice. *Scottish dancing nice. With Elder membership and Couch Surfer. Very fantastic night. *Tango Illeagal, basic learning gathering. Meet nice guys who teach me to feel the movement and partner's weight. Very special lesson. *Pizza gathering. cheap Pizza $4. 4. smiling, helping, educate, sports lover. gradening, free city tour bus *smiling: not only for yourself but make the good mood to other people. *helping: got so many help from other people. the people always on the position of helping people. That's impression. *educate: the people here like reading on the train. don't miss the chance to read. good maner no matter where I meet. Toilet paper always ready for your use. *sports lover: no matter cycling, running, kayating, Australia football, boards kating, out door balling, surfing, fishing... *gardening:

2013年9月7日 星期六

Ready to go (away from my comfort zone to embrance my dream under the sky of southen cross.)

Got lot of blessing , hugs and handshake on Sep. 6, 2013. It's the last day I stay in SR SUNTOUR. hugs to Yulin, Edith, YingHsuan, Betty, Stacy. handshake with Chonan San, Takase San, Kobayashi San,Noda San, Nakamura San, Alice. Got the phone call from Min in Belgium. Henri , Shawn goodbye from skype..... Take photos with sales lovely girls. touching memos ,gift, goodbye party from sales girls. I was surprised that Noda San said 寂しい(”sabishi” lonely in Japanese). Kobayashi San said 残念(”zannnen” regret in Japanese) and if I changed mind then welcome back. Friend ask me how I feel to start the life without working. excited ? Not really...Maybe I will start to miss my work. I have to focus on exchange language from couchsurfing. That's the main purpose of my trip. More interactive with the friend from different corner of the world. Practice English speaking, Spanish and teach chinese. I already got some nice respond from the travelers. That's good start. Can't wait to meet them. As for the accomodation, my friend in Melbourne can host me at the first few weeks. After I am familar the city. I will take the chance to find the host from couchsurfing. It's always the funnest part for me during my trip. http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/lucysr/ Traveling is always parts of my life. Get ready all the time. Miss all my friends!!
Although some accident happen to my mother, father.... Luckly the nightmare is away, they getting better. help each other , I saw more love indeed. So I am relax now!! Yeah ~ I am ready to go.